Repairing old calligraphy

It is of paramount importance to maintain the precious paper documents from olden times, so the next generations can enjoy the rich heritage of their forefathers.

The restoration should not impact the authenticity of the work and while repairing the damaged parts, the original work should be preserved and recognizable from restored parts.

Restoring old documents involves both the physical parts; paper, gloss, cover, etc…. and the work itself which is calligraphy, miniature painting, and ornamentation.

One must study the nature of the damage, the kinds of paint and ink used, the paper properties, and many other factors.

Arash Matin, has vast experience in restoring important old documents with calligraphy and ornamentation, including literary and religious works. The process starts with identifying the style and period in which the work was created and then moving on to the physical properties of the document.

Arash has successfully restored hundreds of important documents and is a well known figure in text restoration.