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As recently as the beginning of the 20th Century, all literary, scientific, and official Persian texts were written in cursive hand-writing. It goes without saying then the more attractive the hand-writing, the more prestigious the documents appeared.

It is true that hand-writing might have lost its significant role in official documents, registers and literature, nevertheless, there’s no honour in having a poor and unpleasant hand-writing! Beautiful script is considered art and inarguably warrants prestige and admiration!

Our goal in teaching good cursive styles with our E learning tool is to solidify confidence in those interested in Persian hand-writing, and the initiative to practice and improve their handwriting.

Interested parties outside Iran may register by simply clicking on the Paypal button to get registered and to start the 12- week program. A sample hand-writing will then be emailed to you to follow and exercise. Then you can scan your work and email it back to us to check and send you the corrective animations along with a new exercise.

Our automated system will enlarge your script up to ten times, and will customize a solution based on each individual’s handwriting style, showing all deviations and suggestions on how to correct them.