• On the occasion of an exhibition for selling the Artworks in benefit of MS patients.
  • For the creativity in mechanization of the educational system of the calligraphy community as well as the design and analysis of the system and also project management and its implementation.
  • From the MS Society for Management and Participation in the Calligraphy Exhibition and Sales of Works in benefit of MS Patients in 2001.
  • For the works and efforts for training students in Iranian Calligraphers Association by the executive manager of Iranian Calligraphy Association.
  • Regarding the planning of the conference, to commemorate Professor Abdollah Faradi in Negarestan khat on August 2001.
  • For participating in Writing Quran in one day conference in 2000.
  • On the occasion of the teacher’s day and to praising the efforts for training student by executive manager of Iranian Calligraphy Association.
  • Regarding the preparation of the lesson plan, the slide classes and the theory of the line, and the holding of educational fair as well as critical session during four years.
  • Plaque of honor for the continuous exhibitions over four years for arts works of figures and masters in NegarestnaKhat and cultural centers.
  • To praise the planning for the commemoration ceremony of the founders of the Iranian Calligraphers Association in cooperation with the Reza Abbasi Museum and holding an exhibition of his works in the Negarestan khat in January 2000.
  • For introducing cultural Information integrated system of the country for compiling the country cultural engineering in work creating center affiliated to Sharif University.
  • For managing the fifth round of general assembly session and gathering of members of Iran calligraphy Association in Tehran’s branch and publication of internal magazine as first press of Iran Calligraphy Association.
  • Commendation for the presence and cooperation with Sharif University Entrepreneurship Center and Idea Pouyan System Engineering Company in the Faculty of Electronics at the Digital Media Exhibition in the field of Electronic Education and Software Engineering.

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