Nastaliq Rendering

Many artists meander through life looking for what their calling is. I was no exception and kept looking for a rewarding career that I could devote all my art of Persian calligraphy and energy to.

Even before graduating in calligraphy, a friend had suggested that I do some Nasta‘liq rendering for one of the Iranian major publishers.

The first project I undertook was to rewrite the introduction to Khamseh Nezami in Nasta‘liq. It was originally done in Nasta‘liq by Master Malek-ol-Khattatin and stone printed a century earlier. The publisher wanted to have it redone in offset printing.

This was a gratifying experience for me. I was so intrigued that I accepted more work of rendering books by historical figures in Persian lietrature, including:

– Extracts of poetry by Shams Tabrizi by Rumi
– Completion Hafez’s ppoems left unfinished by an earlier Calligrapher, Master Yazdani
– Robabyyat Khayyam (recognized by UNESCO)
– Khosro Shirin of Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh
– Two books of Shahnameh Ferdowsi
– Extracts of Shahnameh Ferdowsi named Mirase Ferdowsi (Ferdowsi’s Heritage)
– The story of Siavash by Ferdowsi
– Sa’adi’s Golestan and Boostan (two different times)
– Complete works of Roodaki (first recorded poet of Iran)
– Extracts of poetry by Saeb Tabrizi
– Ghobar Hamedani
– Monajat Nameh (supplications) by Khajeh Abdullah Ansari
– Khosro & Shirin of Khamseh Nezami

-An exquisite book of some Shahnam’s stories that adorned with Moaraq tableau, Moaraq picture was done by Mrs Leyla Rezaei and my calligraphy.

– …and more


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