About Me

My name is Arash Matin. I was born in in Tehran Iran in 1965.

From early on in my life I had a passion for writing, and I mean doing calligraphy! My passion for calligraphy never left me until the age of 17 when I was fortunate to be accepted by one of Iran’s contemporary calligraphers, Master Abbas Akhavein in 1982. I was soon given the master’s whole attention and under his direction I succeeded completing a Master’s course at Iran’s National Calligraphy Association in just one year and was given a class at the Association to teach what I loved, Persian calligraphy!

Historically, Iranian calligraphers have been presenting their art using verses of the rich Persian poetry usually by Hafez, Sa’adi, Khayyam… While I was doing calligraphy borrowing poems from those prominent poets, I was fascinated by the philosophy behind their beautiful lyrics. This took me yet on another long journey, the one of exploring the history of Iranian and Islamic arts. Achievements of my new endeavours have been tremendous in my life. I spent more than ten years on re-writing in Nasta‘liq (magical Persian cursive hand-writing) the books of Iranian historical figures such as Rumi, Hafez, Khayyam, Sa’adi, Ferdowsi and Nezami, and more. These poets’ works rendered in my hand writing have all been published all published between 1981 and 1991.

I have been engaged in many areas of art around calligraphy and calligraphy illumination, and have been awarded numerous prizes, among them the Top Art Accomplishment Certificate by the Iranian Ministry of Arts and Culture.

A very powerful poem by Sa’adi:
“Many a man chose the path to wisdom, O Sa’adi,
Rather than taking the path of lunacy!”
(Free, literal translation)

Additionally, as a calligraphy artist and critique I have helped many art organizations to verify and restore old calligraphy pieces left behind by artists not carrying their signatures.

Last but not least, when I started teaching calligraphy as a young master in 1982, I did simultaneously continue with my schooling and received an BSc degree in computer science. Later in my life of a calligrapher, I was happy to use my programming engineer’s side to develop an E learning software for teaching calligraphy, a joint effort with Sharif University of Tehran, which has helped thousands of calligraphy lovers to learn the craft.

My artefacts in calligraphy and painting have been exhibited at museums and galleries, receiving accolades and recognition by prominent artists and art institutes, both popular and state-wise.