E-Learning calligraphy

Calligraphy E-Learning

The idea to teach calligraphy over the wide web was formed many years ago but it wasn’t until 2005 that the first phase was begun with Sharif Advanced Technologies’ Division. It took an arduous effort over a year for Phase One.

The other three phases, architecture, build and implementation followed in the following three years and the system was the ready and tested for teaching Persian calligraphy.

Our system aims to revive the instruction of Persian handwriting that had been forgotten for over 80 years. To teach any art is to critique the student’s every step of learning and that is what we do with our program.
Flash based animations will guide the student to repeat each lesson, for as many times as it takes, to get each letter right.

Image processing and making the animations are powerful tools in teaching the art of Persian cursive writing.
The system works offline, in that the students can allocate their own time to do the exercises.